Chapter 26, priming started

A large batch is now primed on one side. Will probably do the other side before work tomorrow.


Chapter 26, separation of pieces

I think I have separated all pieces now. One very productive hour in the shop. Next session will probably be on Wednesday and then I expect to scuff and prime lots of parts.


ChaƄter 26 deburring

Used a deburr blade to do the initial deburring on all parts. I will go over every part with a scotchbrite pad or sandpaper before priming. I also separated some bushing clips.


Chapter 26 Blue plastic

One hour of removing the blue plastic and marking the parts.

Chapter 26, material collected

I spent more than an hour collecting the parts for chapter 26. I tried to make a time lapse movie from the session but my soon 5 year old PC could not handle it. An excuse to buy a new one?
Got the movie done:


Chapter 25 is done

Happy to be able to squeeze the two rivets in each bearing brace.
Reamed with an undersized .374 reamer instead of the specified .375. Should work ok.


At the last big page of chapter 25

Had a little bit of a scare, for a few moments I thought that I had worked on the wrong bulhead, that would have been an expensive mistake!

The steps shown below plus some reaming of holes is whats left of this chapter.

chapter 25 soon done

The C-frame retrofit kit, was worth it for just the last session. Link below. Without it, it would not have been possible to use the C-frame for this task. 



And after the break

And after a few days of sick leave the program continues ;)

No camera today, unfortunately as I would have liked to document how I managed to backrivet the aft center section side angles to the aft center section bulkhead using the C-frame. I'll try to remember to take a picture at the start of the next session as the setup is still as set up.


2.3 hours of booring deburring and priming

2.3 hours of booring deburring and priming, chapter 25 continues with unexciting but important tasks...



Countersinking and priming bearing brackets.


25 continues, countersinking, riveting nutplates

Some countersinking and riveting nutplates. Finding parts for the next steps. I plan to prep more parts before riveting together more parts as I need to prime larger batches of parts to gain efficiency.


25 continues, first bulkhead done

Some dimpling and double flush riveting and several careful reaming of holes. I am really enjoying the fuselage kit so far.


806.6 hours @ 2017-02-28

20.8 hours in Februari, not to bad. Aiming for 30 per months.

Scuffed and primed bulkheadparts

Scuffed and primed bulkheadparts.


Starting on the fuselage kit

Chapter 25 Forward mid fuse bulkheads.

Difficult to find the parts, do not understand why the first four pieces you need are located in three different sub-kits... Just removing the blue plastic, deburring and dimpling.


Milestone, wings done!

There will of course be installation of pitot heat, autopilot servos, landing light and so on but all the "wing" chapters in the manual are now complete!


Wings almost done

The cover plates need some more fitting before I can state that the wings are done. (Then there will be some final adjustments of the ailerons, attaching the flap controls, test the lights and so on. But all steps that are in the wings part of the manual will be done)

Wing strobe-nav connections done

Had a helper today.

Where does this go?