27 Started riveting the firewall

Started riveting stiffeners to the firewall. Warned by builder E, I attached the stiffeners to the FW first to check for clearances between the parts and on one side they needed some grinding to fit.

Not enough time to rivet everything, back riveting using the C-frame has worked great so far.


27 Dimpled FW sides

Dimpled the two firewall sides.
Marking were not to rivet

Making sure that I have marked the no dimple according to the revised plans



Chapter 27, prepping parts for priming

In the background you can se the storage place for the lower mid fuselage, I am out of space!
 Flattening some pieces
 Removing tool marks and deburring edges in preparation for scuffing and priming parts for the firewall


Chapter 26 done!

This giant chapter is finally done. For the most part it was fun but there were some really tricky rivets to set. I also regret insisting to try and back rivet all the baggage ribs even after I started seeing some bad results. Now I have 5 oops rivets and 4 426 4-4 rivets instead of the specified 426 3-3.5.

With the help of my wife the last around 60 rivets went really quickly and with perfect result. Unfortunately no camera around for that part. Later I finished of riveting the last stiffener and ribs before continuing with chapter 27.

I think I have separated all the parts in chapter 27 now, all blue plastic is gone, some countersinking is also done.


Starting on chapter 27, Firewall

Found most pieces quickly, removed plastic and deburred some pieces. Dimpled the top and bottom of the tunnel sides.


Skipping ahead 26

A very short session tonight. Went to the next page in the manual, it tells you to grind down a 1/8 dimple die... luckily I looked and it is only two dimples to be done so I got out my close quarters die set (the one using the pop-rivet tool) and did the two #30 dimples.

Then I did the dimples for the nut plates and finally I riveted them to the F-01430 Floor stiffener.


Lots done, chapter 26 almost done

Lots done today, also some mistakes. I had to drill out several rivets, up-size the holes and use "ops rivets" to solve the problem.
Setting a rivet some more so it fits thru the hole

Many awkward positions 

I will need help with these


26 Difficult rivets

Some tricky rivets today.

Cannot find any place in the manual for when to final attach these bolts and nuts, now seemed like a good time

26 lack of efficiency

First I read and decided to perform the steps regarding the optional step for the tail dragger version, once that was done, I realized that I have already covered up the holes where this would sit so that decided it for me, no steps will be installed. Almost an hours work wasted.

Then the F-01495 eluded me for more almost an hour. Not sure if it was me, VANs or the one creating the Excel version of the inventory list but the piece that according to the inventory, should be in kit #3 was in kit #4.

Then I made it unnecessary difficult for me by not noticing that LP4-3 rivets should be used in a few places, if that was not enough, I set two rivets that I was not supposed to so some drilling also had to be done today.

All in all, 2.9 hours in the garage but only one hours work actually done :/


26 some dimpling

Convinced my oldest to join me while the others went shopping.
My 4 year old, the photographer

He did a dimple with the squeezer but no pics of that