29, got the wrong size, dimple dies

Aaargh, got the wrong size of dimple dies delivered. Did some other smaller tasks yesterday.


29, longeron countersinking

Dimpled all #30 holes in the side skins and then did the tiring task of countersinking the upper and lower longerons.


29, broken dimple die

Breaking edges

Making the upper edges smooth and rounded

Making the upper edges smooth and rounded

Marking holes that should not be dimpled

deburring by scuffing

Dimpling until one die failed. I do not have any standard #40 female dimple dies but replacement should be in stock at my main local supplier


29, skins and longerons are off again

Countersunk the hinges and the side plates. Match drilled the skin and side plates. Not shown in the pictures is me rearranging the shop to get more room.

The camera battery died so the first picture is actually the last one and from the phone.


29, hinges match drilled

Hinges match drilled and the shims deburred and dimpled.


29, hinges and skins in place with clecos

First time one can really see how the cockpit will look.


29, successful save

A successful save, now it´s only about 10$ plus shipping in new cherry rivets :)


29, longerons, messed up

All good

All good

All good

All good

Compare the two lower longeron assembly's, I´ll drill them out before ordering new rivets in case I need to order new parts as well :( 


29, longeron parts deburred, scuffed and primed on one side

Longeron parts deburred, scuffed and primed on one side.


29, all longerons ready for deburring and priming

Did the match and final drilling of the lower longeron assembly.


29 lower longerons 2

And a 1.5 hour session, trimming the back parts of the lower longerons.