Continued with the cowlings

Starting to match the top and bottom inlets.

Cowling & Avionics

Started shaping the lower inlet with some cotton/epoxy. Yesterday I also received my first avionics, the main G3X touch EFIS and the IFR GPS navigator, a Garmin 625.

I have been informed that it is time to start the paperwork in preparation for first flight, it can take as long as three months to get everything in place so it is time to start now.


Many small tasks

Attached the oil pressure line (needed to do this now, if not the emag cooling tube would have been in the way) attached cooling to the mags, attached oil filler tube, closed the unused port in the fuel injection spider and finally measure the cowling-baffle space that needs to be filled.

I will probably receive some cool toys tomorrow :D


Alt air 2

Had to grind down the yoke to be able to rivet the inlet ring to the snorkel.


Alt air

First I noticed that I could not move the mixture level to ICO without hitting the snorkel so I re-clocked that one. (I guess I will adjust it at a later time but I want to make sure it is out of the way)

Next picture is of the hole finding tool I made and used yesterday, worked great and solved the problem of me not having a small angle drill.

Then it was time for creating the alternate air door. I actually like these kind of epoxy work where there is very little sanding.

Last was bending another inlet ramp and match drilling a hole in the baffle and then attaching a nut plate. Lots done in one day!


After several mounting/de-mounting of the snorkel it was finally time to attach it to the ramp with epoxy. Then I bent one of the other parts and riveted that one. Finally I scuffed of paint on the bottom off the oil sump in preparation for attaching the engine heater heat pads.



More fitting of the air intake snorkel.


Missing a manual?

Today I had to install the fuel injector and I could not find any information in the RV14 manual or in any other documentation that I have, on what hardware to use and what torque and so on.

After much searching on Lycomings web site and on google in general, I think I have found the correct information in Section 73-10 in a IO-390-C Series Engine Maintenance Manual. The thing is, I have a IO-390-EXP60 engine but I have not been able to find the same manual for my version. But they use the same Avstar Injector kit so it should not matter. I have the larger nuts so I will end with "final maximum torque of 204 in.-lb. (23 Nm).".

Starting to think that I have misplaced some engine manual or instruction on were to fins an online manual...