29 fuselage stand

A short session is better than no session... 20 minutes of finalizing the fuselage stand in preparation for riveting the front and middle part together.

No more done tonight as my wife had this crazy idea for an ordinary Monday evening, I am not complaining ;) 


29, upper drag fitting bolted again

Upper drag fitting bolted again and the side plates clecoed.
In the evening, I started manufacturing of the stand. Might be a Picture later on.


29 a deburring and priming session

An hour here and an hour there... lower drag fittings installed after priming.


29, Forward Fuselage Lower Structure, joined with the Mid Fuselage Lower Structure

29, Forward Fuselage Lower Structure, joined with the Mid Fuselage Lower Structure, and the lower drag fittings are positioned and the bolts, spacers and nuts in place. It was a very tight fit, I guess as it should be.

Start of chapter 29

Started on chapter 29, this is the chapter were many builder describes that the project transforms into a "plane".

Cleaned up the shop and then primed the bottom skin where the front part will covering it.


Chapter 28 done!

Riveted the last cover plates including nut plates. Surprisingly many rivets could be squeezed but some had to be driven. Extremely difficult to hold the inner most nut plates in position while riveting them!


Chapter 28, on the last page

Almost done with this chapter now. Vent inlets and the battery box was finished and attached.


28 last pages

A video of two short sessions:

In the next short session I started attaching the Forward Center Section Bulkhead Assembly. Four bolt/spacers/nuts torqued.

And a longer session in the evening, in total 4 hours in the shop today.
Did not like riveting like this but it worked out great.


28, grrrr

Last night I riveted around 20 rivets. and half of them had to be drilled out. I am pretty sure it was the exhaust hangers that prevented the floors from laying flat against the back rivet iron.

The only reason I´m not calling it a disaster is because the removal of the rivets came out perfect, no enlarged holes :D No time in the shop tonight as I am alone with the kids.


28 Lots done tonight but to tired to list it now

I will probably update tomorrow.
Update: Some steps were already done but basically what I did last night was page 28-05 - 28-06 and most steps on 28-07 and 28-08.

I did not follow the plan 100%, one example, I choose to apply proseal to the front top off the bottom skins instead of on the bottom of the firewall assembly. I think this was a good decision resulting in less mess. I also choose to do some other steps in different order, focusing on getting the parts were proseal is or should be placed, ready first. another example, riveting the 1435 cover bases to the bottom skins was one of my last steps, I figured it would be good enough to have it in place with clecos when doing the other steps.


28, preparation/rehersal for the last? proseal session

Went thru pages 28-05 - 28-07 to make sure I had all parts available, everything set up and that I would be able to do it on my own.

A good thing that I checked because I do not think that I would have been successful in riveting the F-01401C Firewall Center to the F-01454 Muffler Shroud Ramp, without help.
Yes, the two rivets still had to be drilled out, no magic healing last night ;)

Perfect result with indirect riveting. Also fixed some of the rivets beside the really bad ones

Attaching the correct die size for the small AK-42H blind rivets into the manual and pneumatic riveter