38 center line marked

Attached the template, set the canopy per instructions and marked the center line. I also have 1-2 mm to trim from the back end.


Canopy frame in place

After an almost two week complete stand still in the project, I am finally working at it again.

My wife helped me place the fuselage on a tabletop, she somehow managed to stay away from the camera. It was then easy to place the frame onto it´s guides. A tiny amount of sanding was needed to make it clear the front skin.


38 Canopy frame riveted

So soon we will se if it fits on the fuselage and then if the plexy fits the frame.


38 A productive day

Almost completed riveting the canopy frame today.


38 started riveting the canopy frame

The first rivets in the canopy frame are done.


38 almost

Starting to cleco the pieces together again with the intention to actually rivet them together.

38 Recovering from the NAS is taking forever

Sorry about the lack of updates. I am still working for about an hour every evening. Some dimpling to do then I will start riveting the canopy frame/assembly together.


38 caught a problem in time

Yesterday I could not get all holes to line up properly, it would not have been possible to final drill the holes in step 11 on page 38-13 without getting oval holes.

Today I looked into it a bit more carefully and found the problem. The forward part of C-01409 interfered with I think C-01408 on both sides. I trimmed the back of C-01408 about 1mm and the problem went away.


38 Soon to be separated again

Some final/match drilling and then all gets separated again.


Still working

Recovering files from the NAS, taking forever but It looks like I will be able to save a lot. It was around 4 weeks since I made the last backup. So there are not so much that needs to be rescued but finding these files in the around 7 TB of disk space is a huge task.


38 NAS problems

I am still working daily but I am having some problem with my NAS so pictures are a hassle at the moment.


38 more prepping of parts but some riveting

Very difficult to access. Some could be squeezed many had to be driven with the gun. And I could not reach with the cupped set so I had to use the back rivet die onto the manufactured head.


38 slow but at least steady work

Do not feel like making 2+ hour sessions at the moment so the pace has been lowered a bit during the last 10 days but as long as I am out working every day, I am not worried.


38 drills arrived

That was fast, drills arrived from the US in just a few days, great. Final drilled lots of holes, treaded the holes in the roll over structure. Managed to drill the holes in the window, got no cracks but a few pieces came of when I tried to drill to final size directly even after dulling the drill bit.

My solution was to drill the holes in several steps, first the already made #40 holes, then to #36, then to #33, then to #30 and finally to #27.


38 more prepping of parts

38 Canopy release pieces

Last night work consisted of some riveting and then mounting pieces for the canopy release. One bolt/spacer/nut took 30 minutes to get into place!


38 slow but something every day

Wife on a conference so less time for me in the shop. I have been working every day but just not enough done to motivate individual posts here. Tinkering with some smaller pieces while waiting for #36 and #27 drill bits, I was so sure that I had all needed sizes by now but no :(