Rudder pedals in place

Camera was set to raw and I am tired so pictures will have to wait until tomorrow.



Pedals riveted

23 Rivets per pedal :) Except for the pop rivets, all was done with the pneumatic squeezer. Before riveting there was deburring before and after match drilling.


Brake pedal assemblies

Started separating parts for the brake pedal assemblies. Read a great tip on another blog, to put the spacers in the drill press for final sizing, to make sure that they get square.


Done with section 32

Did the final rivets in chapter 32, the bag with LP4-3 was almost full before this section, now it is close to empty :)

The last sentence is something like "Now is a good time to paint the interior" Feels great to have that step completed already!
Had a great cleco supplier for the days first session :)

Managed to squeeze all of them, tight but possible

A wedge shim together with a grinded down manual squeezer worked for this and the one on the other side. This is what is great with having some really cheap tools, no hesitation to modify them when needed, even in a destructive way

Some touching up and I could call the interior painting as done


Another productive day

Got lots done today!

4 tricky rivets, but the no hole yoke with the no hole part on the factory heads made it easy



Another hour on on the floor

Started putting some AN426 rivets in and 8 out of 28 nutplates.


Lots of rivets

The pneumatic pop rivet riveter has earned it´s cost in today's session alone.